Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Long time coming

Nno̱, Sannu da zuwa, Ẹ ku abọ, Karibu, Salve, Aloha, Huān yíngBienvenidos, Benvenuti, Bienvenue...WELCOME to my blog! 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmnmn! So, I finally found the liver to join Blogville, thank you God! *waving hands in the air* Anyhoo, this blog will be bursting with refreshing fashion ideas, catwalk/high street trends, beauty talk, fashion/style news, and the lot. It's going to be a tad more than a fashion memoir though, so i'll be throwing in motivational nuggets and my thoughts on life events et al.

As you read, I hope you smile, I hope you experience the sense of bliss that comes from having a fashion love affair (lol) and above all, I hope you feel inspired. 

Remember, you have the right to feel and look SENSATIONAL.




  1. Excited much my dear! *happy dance*. It's about time indeed! Praying for God's guidance upon you. I'm officially ready to do away with my current wardrobe as I know you've got a lot of fresh things in store :)

  2. Amen! Thank u darling :) Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. Got to read one of your posts and ended up going through your whole blog :) love how you incorporate the ankara fabric with a modern twist to it...keep up the good work. Follow me on erenesown.blogspot.com as i follow you :)


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