Monday, 14 May 2012

Punctured Glam

I was going through Zara's website the other day and found me some attention-grabbing beauties. Does this bag look familiar?

This is the brown plaited leather shopper that has caused and I believe is still causing a style sensation on the fashion scene. The Gucci-esque sac was launched early last year and has become a wardrobe staple for fashionistas all over the world. Check it out in stone and black...

Seriously, i've got to hand it to Zara, their bag game is amazing and they get better every season. I absolutely love how they try to give you a designer look without the high price tag. I was so excited to find the Die-cast mini shopper which comes in juicy brights. I am a colour junkie, so whenever I see vibrant items, I get all chirpy and what not (you'll notice this trait in the course of reading this blog). The bag is super-stylish, chic, and will without question add life and spice to your wardrobe. It is not as big as the the one above but it is certainly roomy enough for your daily essentials and even more. I loooooooove the perforated detail, it makes the bag look mega expensive. In fact, I think this collection is a welcome departure from the muted colour schemes of most Zara bags. I'll share my other Zara finds in subsequent posts but for now, my people, please feast your eyes...





The bag will set you back £59.99 but I think it's worth the splurge. So what do you think? What's your favourite colour out of the bunch? I cannot wait to nab the green one, as in, I  have created a look in my head already and look forward to sharing it with you guys. Until then...



  1. I love the brown plaited leather shopper, makes a bold fashion statement!! had to get it *guilty as charged*. Just have to be extra careful that all sharp object are no where in the vicinity or else you'll end up crying for days like myself...

  2. Totally love the brown and stone plaited leather shopper bags, can't mk a choice.. Absolutely gorgeous


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