Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Product of the week ~ Mac Prep + Prime Lip

Using lip balm beforehand is one of the fundamental rules of applying lipstick. Mac's PPL is a very nice base, it preps your lips for lipstick just the way foundation primer preps your face. 

It's very light and it makes application smoother. It doesn't have any weird smell like some lip balms and that's a plus.

Whenever I use it, I allow it to set for a minute or two before applying my lipstick. This trick makes sure your lipstick lasts a lot longer.
I've noticed that it works perfectly with mac lipsticks, but my other lippies can't complain. They glide on effortlessly whenever I use it.

There's a lil problem tho...it breaks easily and that can be very annoying. You see how thin it is, yea? You have to be extremely careful when applying it.
All in all, I recommend!



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