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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

This week I am loving...

Kente clutch

Big bro gifted me with this kente arm candy on his return from Ghana. Never owned any accessory made of kente so I was super chuffed to get this piece. Lovely colours, size is perfect, it's def rockable day/night, tres chic, and it's a perfect partner for a white denim dress. Thanks Emmy!

In other news, happy, happy 57th Independence day to my Ghanian 
readers! 6th was the date, but better late than never :)

Re Bahia Maxi dress
The Nigerian design label presented its spring/summer 2014 collection titled 'Minimal dreams' and this floor length, fluid number stood out in the pack. I love this dress, the fabric is lush and the vivid colour is a fave. Accessories aren't needed. Just walk into that arena and this dress will ensure that you are the cynosure of all eyes. Talk about minimum effort...with maximum impact! Boom!
Well done Re Bahia!

Become A Better You by Joel Osteen
Joel is one of my favourite televangelists. Whenever I watch him preach, I find my heart lightened by his motivational words and reassuring smile. His sermons always refresh my desire to be happy, to live, to be great, to break with sin, to break away from the values of this world, and to unite myself ever more closely with God. He has also authored a myriad of inspirational books and i'm loving this one right here.

"This book will help you look deep inside yourself to become a better spouse and parent, a better boss or employee, a better community leader, a better friend--in short, a better person! In a straightforward, easy-to-understand style, he explains seven key biblical values; each of the seven keys has its own section, complete with a set of practical action points."

Lent is here and this book has been a great companion.

I must say that Joel is a blessed man and he has become a blessing to me! :D

Benjamin Dube
Didn't know about this South African gospel sensation until I saw his performance on Trinity Broadcasting Network(TBN). His tunes were in zulu, but they certainly sent shivers down my spine. That's the thing about South African songs, you may not understand the words but the sounds bring a dept of emotion and have a way of stirring your spirit.

When he was done, I hurtled out of the sitting room in search of my laptop for a quick interaction with two of my besties, Google et Youtube. My findings had me grinning from ear to ear and I couldn't help but fall in love with Mr. B and his team.

The songs, the energy, the passion, the choral harmonies, everything!

I am a huge fan!

Got so many beautiful zulu and english songs i'd love to share but i'll leave you guys with this one...it has become one of my morning anthems. 


Here's what the song is saying:

Ngiya kuthanda, moya oyingcwele (I love you, Holy Spirit)
Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)

Siyakuthanda, moya oyingcwele (We love you, Holy Spirit)
Moya oyingcwele, moya oyingcwele (Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit)

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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