Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Quote of the Week ~ Joyce Meyer

"If you are doing nothing with your life because you are not sure what to do, then I recommend that you pray and begin trying some things. It won't take long before you will feel comfortable with something. It will be a perfect fit for you. Think of it this way: When you go out to buy a new outfit, you probably try on several things before you find what fits right, is comfortable, looks good on you. Why not try the same thing with discovering your destiny? Obviously there are some things you cannot just "try" --- like being an astronaut or  the president of the United States --- but one thing is for sure: You cannot drive a parked car. Get your life out of "park," and get moving in some direction. As we take steps of faith, our destinies unfold. A confident woman is not afraid to make mistakes, and if she does, she recovers and presses on." 
Joyce Meyer


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