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Six Valuable Lessons From Tope Abiola of Frockit Rockit!

Warning ~ Lengthy Post!
If you are a Fashionista and you haven’t heard of Tope Abiola and Frock it Rockit, worry not, for I am about to roll away the stone from the cave you’ve been living in. I first heard of Tope - Here. I thought the lace dress she sent to Daks was so pretty, the colours contrasted nicely and the dress was neatly sewn. Her brand name seemed so apt and catchy, and I kept my eyes peeled for more of her designs. Fast forward to a few months later… she joined Instagram and an excited Chichi wasted no time in hitting that blue button. 
Now let me tell you something, Tope is one beautiful lass! And when it comes to making women look exquisite, this woman right here means business. She has a penchant for all things statement ~ from her truly beautiful collection of silk prints, sequined and lace fabrics, to her foxy and show stopping styles. If you want the 'All eyes on me' style, the ‘pepper them’ style, or ‘revenge is best when it’s served in FnR’ tope’s got you covered. If you are a frock star she will ensure that you are not one to be outshone at an event. I’m always looking forward to her posts; they are usually accompanied by stories about the clients and just make you want to be part of the FnR family.

Now here’s another thing you need to know. Tope is a hardcore bey stan. Hei! Oh my goodness! The love she has for this woman ehn! It’s beyond words. I remember when she attended Beyonce’s concert. Ah! Tope did not let us hear word. Lol! She’s so smitten with her and she’s not afraid to express her admiration. 

She also wanted something. She wanted to see Beyonce in FnR. She wished for it tirelessly. Sometimes she blew up my timeline with posts dedicated to making her dreams come true. This woman prayed and waited. She prayed, she was relentless… and then I got on IG today and then Boom!!! I saw this! 

 It happened!!!!

Gosh! When I saw this my heart instantly leapt for joy. Who else can orchestrate this if not God? I found myself grabbing my bible, lifting it up and falling on my knees thanking God for this woman’s life. I was overwhelmed. I was rooting for her. Every time I saw her posts about Bey I said a little prayer for her. So when I saw the above post I felt and still feel like a winner. You see, on IG, Tope did not only engage us fashionably, she engaged us on an emotional and spiritual level. A lot of her followers can attest to this. She carried us along on her 'journey to Beyonce' and we all witnessed the miracle. It happened right before our eyes. Sigh! God is great. After praying I got up. A lot of things crossed my mind. I started thinking of Tope; I started thinking of God, his power, his might. 

Someone said 'I don't know what the fuss is all about. It's just Beyonce." I think People are missing the point. Tope had a dream, a dream of great accomplishment. But she did not just dream, she stayed awake and worked and prayed till her dream came true. I have to give it to her. In one fell swoop my faith in God blossomed. I feel so inspired. God used her; he used her story to remind me that He is God! I pondered on a few lessons that her story demonstrates and thought it wise to share with y'all. 

1 ~ Prayer is key!
Never ever underestimate the value of prayer. Time spent in prayer is not a waste of time, but an investment. Prayer is not the last resort, but the best resort. Prayer is communication! It is your link with the divine. It releases wisdom and solutions. It heals. It revives. It unlocks the depot of blessings upon your life. Matopeda prayed in some of her posts. She sought God, She used verses from the bible, and her hashtags were prayer filled. She talked about God.

From her posts you could tell She was aware of how much she needed the power of God to fulfill her dreams and transform her life. She meditated on the word of God. Ah! You could feel the genuineness of her supplication. She was reaching out to God. She recently completed her 40 day fast and now look.. he did it!. God did it! PrayerWin! Godwin! Prayers pave the way for God’s miracle-working power, and when it’s his time, he’ll bless you with answers. “Ask, and it will be given to you; Seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." matt 7:7

 2~ Faith is Power
This. Is. The. Truth! It’s one thing to pray, but it’s another thing to pray BELIEVINGLY. You must have faith and trust in God and believe that all will come to fruition. If you believe it, it will come to pass. "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” Matt 21:22

Tope stepped out in unwavering faith. She believed, she trusted. I swear her faith is contagious. Every now and then I found myself being uplifted through her posts. She prayed boldly in faith and constantly fed that faith with the word of God. How significant is this? We all need a faith-lift and we must continue to ask God to increase our faith in him. My catechism tells me that faith is a supernatural gift from God which enables us to believe without doubting whatever God has revealed. It’s a gift, pray for it.

Of interest to note is that Tope also believed in herself. "You can succeed if nobody else believes it, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.” She chose faith over fear. She did not see but she believed. The world says seeing is believing but faith says believing is seeing. "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." John 20:29.  Tope is a living testimony. Her faith has brought her favour... her faith has saved her.

3 ~ Your words are life!
Now, your Faith has to be expressed. It is not enough to believe it, speak it. “By saying what you believe, you are demonstrating confidence in God’s ability and you are equally exhibiting your convictions and assurance in the word of God’’. Tope spared no words. She made it known. She declared boldy and nourished her faith with her words. I remember when Angela simmons wore that beautiful yellow silk iro ati buba. Tope was so elated and kept saying beyonce was next. “My God will do it” "BeyonceinFnr". and when Beyonce's stylist followed her she knew she was just a step closer to her icon. But she didn't stop there. She professed! She cried! She decreed!

Now see who is eating the fruits of her words. Your words can make or break you. They can bless or curse. "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Prov 18:21

Learn to speak life into your situation. Each day make positive declarations over your life. Tope did not use her words to describe her situation. She used them to CHANGE her situation

 4 ~ Faith without works is dead. (James 2:26)
You can't ask God for something, believe that he is going to grant it and then sit back, relax, and not work for it. It’s like trying to get a first class in a course. If you like, say all the 20 decades of the rosary, novena to all the saints, and fast for forty days and nights, if you don’t study, you will come out with a what? Fi-9! In fact the ‘0’ that the teacher/lecturer will bestow on you will be decorated with eyes, ears, and teardrops. What am I saying? You must work for what you want. Tope’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. You can tell from the finished products. She knows her onions and she keeps trying to get better... constantly honing her skills and redefining her understanding of the fashion business. See, there was one time her head tailor left. How demoralising, right? But she didn’t count her losses o! Do you know what she did? She got down, grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting the fabric into the style the customer wanted.  That outfit came out fab! If she did not bother learning how to do that, that’s how she would have left her destiny in her tailor’s hands. 

She stayed in touch with Miss Simmons Stylist and seized every opportunity to dress top bloggers and celebrities. I applaud her customer service etiquette. I was able to deduce this from the positive feedback from clients which she habitually shares with us on IG. One time a client had to do a stop over at an airport just to collect her outfit. I cannot really remember the full story but it struck a chord. It's a testament to how amazing her work is. When you put your faith in action God will recognize and bless you. 

5 ~  It pays to be completely right with God
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Prov 9:10. Notice what Tope said in her celebratory post? "I believed He would do it. I said I was going to make things right. I knew what God wanted me to do, I have always known but it's easier to live for this world. I decided to give my life again. I decided at the beginning of this year to make God the centre of my life. I also believe that in doing so, everything good will fall into place as long as i keep my eyes on Him. It's only my close friends that know what I have given up and how this journey started."

You see how she reaffirmed her willingness to serve God? Spiritual mediocrity is very unhealthy. You cannot be praying like Elijah and living like Judas. Sin separates us from God, but when we walk with God, he leads us into greater fruitfulness and truth. It is not easy to die to self and the things of the world but "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." Phil 4:13

God's mercies are endless. Sometimes even when we are not in his good books he still allows things to work in our favour. Imagine what you'll get when you walk closely with him. Double Double! and even when things are difficult you'll find yourself at peace. 

6 ~ Learn to live a purpose driven life
Rick Warren said "The purpose of your life is greater than yuor own personal fulfillments, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were made by God and for God – and until you understand that, life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our origin, or identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end."

Everyone has a purpose but many do not realize that. God has planted in us gifts and talents but sometimes we don't see them and we find ourselves trying to be like someone else or something we are not. Listen! If you don't know your purpose today pray fervently for God to show you. Try doing things that are of interest to you, put yourself out there and God will reveal to you the things that you do not know. He will show you how to best develop your abilities and do the thing for which you were created.

See what tope said, "I need to also explain this, last year, I realized something important, my job isn't to just make pretty dresses. God has given me this platform so I can bring glory to His name. My job is to encourage, motivate, inspire people. You will see my life and know that if she can do it and she claims it is God, I also want to know this God."

Dear Tope, if you get to read this I want to let you know that you have indeed become a blessing to others. God is definitely on your side and I pray he continues to plant your feet on higher ground. He will finish what he has started in you. Your designs will reach the ends of the earth and your generation will be blessed beyond measure. You will meet Beyonce and you will dine with her! (Medics would be on standby though...just in case you pass out. :D). Humility is one of the jewels you wear so well! and now God has raised you up! Even in the midst of your growing fame you have remained grounded and  relatable. 
Nne m, I don’t think you understand the impact of your story on the lives of so many. Yes, Nigeria is on the fashion map again, but people are talking, men and women alike, about the wonder of God in your life. Right now people are changing their perspective and reassessing their priorities because of you. My dear, may God continue to use you to his glory. And I really want to thank you for sharing your journey with us and giving us the opportunity to travel with you. I want to thank you because while some people are busy using Instagram to indulge in bunkum and nzuzu, you are using it to minister life, help, and hope into the lives of others... all to the honour of the most high. Dalu i nugo? 

I don’t know you, I have not met you, but boy am I super proud of you and I look forward to meeting you someday. 

Phew! Hope you guys are doing great. :)

Don’t be afraid to dream! and ‘When you work with God as your partner on the job, you are working with the most multitalented, multitasking, partner in the universe. And he truly can do anything and everything!”

Cheers to a God-filled life!
Let’s drink to that.

Please feel free to add more lessons in the comment section.

Photo Credit ~ @TopeFnR Instagram



  1. Thank you Chichi for this amazing post! You truly got me inspired. I follow Tope too on IG and I find her rather bold and audacious for sharing her love for Christ!

    My SiL,Seun, who knows I have a passion sent me this link to encourage me.and I am truly encouraged...thanks Chichi for breaking this down so beautifully....

  2. Absolutely loved this post.

  3. God bless you for this post! I saw the link on Tope instagram post (i'm not even on instagram, I just stalk her :)) and I must say I am even more inspired than I was before.
    As you've prayed for Tope and wished her well, I also pray for you that God will fulfill the desires of your heart just as he did for Tope.

  4. I follow Tope on Instagram and she has inspired me in ways she doesn't know she has made me closer to God and has revealed a lot of stuffs to me. God will continue to bless her.

  5. I'm so team Tope on instagram, but most importantly, team God. For He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise 1Cor1:27. It's really been a journey. The Bible even confirms it "in the latter days, the mountain of the Lord's house shall be on top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow to it."-Isaiah 2:2. Contrary to what the world might think, this is a very good time to be a believer, cuz believers will be at the helm of affairs, for scriptures to be fulfilled. Really inspired by ur post and Ms Tope's life. May God continue to strengthen you all. Amen

    1. My dear you've said it all!
      Thanks a bunch! and a loud Amen to your prayer! x

  6. Gosh Chichi, I am new to following your blog and i connected so much with this post. I have been following Tope on IG for about a couple of years and I am inspired not only by her stunning designs, but also by her zeal to inspire and motivate others through her love for God and her desire to please Him. Your post was everything and thank you for writing it and leading us readers to set that right foundation with our Lord in all that we do in the process. God bless you x

    1. Amen!! Awww good to have you here Eliane! Thank you! x

  7. Well written, I appreciate Tope's hustle and have always admired her drive and passion for her craft.

    Indeed, "Don't be afraid to dream" :-)

    1. Thanks Girl! She remains a big inspiration to many. x


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