Friday, 23 October 2015

Three Things To Inspire Your Weekend (By Blogoratti)

Hey lovelies, how una dey? Hope y'all had a pleasant week. Looking forward to the weekend? Check out this post by our Guest Blogger of the month. Blogoratti is one of my fave bloggers. He blogs about everyday life and events and I find his positive outlook on life and inspirational posts highly admirable. 
Three Things To Inspire Your Weekend

Quote of the day:

Whatever you are, be a good one. 

-Abraham Lincoln

image: TodayNews

A 5 year old girl in Kentucky, Isabella Gregory, bought ice cream from her allowance money for state troopers who were mourning the death of one of their colleagues. The little girl had noticed that they had long faces, when she was at a McDonald's with her mother. Isabella's mom, Yockey said "Isabella wanted to treat them because she knew that their friend had died, and she wanted to make them smile". 

image: GoodNewsNetwork

A 16 year old girl from Connecticut, Oliva Hallisey, has won this year's Google Science Fair by creating a revolutionary new test to detect the ebola virus. Olivia's test kits -which are simple, yet cheap can detect ebola in around 30 minutes. Her unique kit can be stored at room temperature for 3 weeks. She won the top price of a $50,000 scholarship in a group of 22 other finalists. 

image: ArchDaily

As seen on ArchDaily's best houses of 2014, an estate bungalow by Architects- Narein Perera, this house is located in Matugama, Sri Lanka. With a selected elevated siting, it is surrounded by a rubber plantation, and allows an undisturbed view of the valley below and the hills beyond, a view that is always in flux with the changing seasons and the cycle of the paddy cultivation.

Have a wonderful weekend guys. 


  1. Hello, good to see the weekend inspiration is alive here. Thanks for spreading the love. Greetings lovely.

  2. Awwww how sweet of Isabella. Lovely heart.
    Have a great week ChiChi.

  3. That's so sweet of the little girl.Such a sweet thing to do. And congrats to Hallisey, that's amazing. Fantastic. Wishing you a lovely week ahead, ChiChi.


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