Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I love...Coconut & cream Glossy Lip Balm Review

Coconut is one of my weaknesses. Anything that has coconut in it just makes my heart to yori yori. From Coconut Water/Juice/Shampoo/Oil...to...Coconut Ice cream/Cake/Biscuits/ Rice/Coconut Curry (kai! I'm craving this right now).
So when I saw this lip balm sitting pretty in Superdrug I knew I had to have it. 

It's by 'I love...Cosmetics' (how apt is the name...clever, right?)... a UK brand that produces an amazing array of delicious smelling and fruity bath, body and beauty products. They've got I love...Mango, Strawberry, etc. Yum!

This balm is so lovely. It smoothens, softens, and moisturizes my lips wella. The coconut fragrance is great and yummy and the size is perfecto. I've run out of my Mac's prep and prime lip so I  use this as a base for my lipsticks/lip liners...but I allow it to set in nicely before I apply.

The thing about this balm is...because of its little whitish nature...you can end up looking like you just devoured a big packet of nzu (chalk) if you apply too much. So a little goes a long way.

Have you tried any product from I love Cosmetics? 

By the way, I hope you are enjoying your day. :D




  1. Anything with coconut is great. Greetings!

  2. Lol at looking like one just consumed chalk!

  3. Lmao at Nzu. Harmattan is almost here so I'm sure this will be nice for my lips. I'll just stick to my good old Chapstick for now tho and add this to my wishlist.
    Coconut curry sounds delish. I should try it sometime

  4. Sounds pretty good, ChiChi. No I don't think I have tried anything by this brand, yet. Enjoy your weekend, dear.


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