Saturday, 13 August 2016


It's been months of boundless joy, love, exhaustion, and fulfilment. Our Great God blessed me and mine with a Son!!! Everyday I wake up in complete awe of God's mercies upon my life. I still pinch myself, for real? I'm a mama? As in! ChiChi is someone's mummy? The feeling is indescribable. Motherhood is such a great privilege, exhausting, too...but boy exhaustion never felt so good in the end. It's such a that I don't and will never take for granted. Funny how the little dot you see during your first scan turns into a full human being within months. One can't help but live in wonderment of the might and deeds of God. He is too much! 

My Son is such a sweet chap, always active and ever smiling like his Papa. If I am not reading to him, i'm  tip toeing out of the room to avoid any noise that will wake him up, or i'm making funny faces and weird sounds just to make him laugh. On some days i'm like "No! please stop biting mama's nipple." and then he'll smile. lol. Motherhood is teaching me a lot...about myself, about life, about love, and about God. I am extremely thankful for my boy  and I pray God will continue to perfect all that concerns him now and always. 

Lest I forget..a big shout out to my Sweet Mama! As a first time Grandma...she nailed the Omugwo! Ah! She killed it! And she has remained a great source of knowledge, wisdom and strength in the course of this journey. May God bless all the lovely Grandmas!


I got a new Job in a federal parastatal. Yup! Testimony after testimony, right?! I used to work in a private firm but this is much better for me and came at the PERFECT time. My appointment letter arrived just as I was rounding up my maternity leave and getting ready to resume work in my former office.  I broke down in tears of Joy. My God has been wonderful to me. Last december I made a list of five major things to achieve this year. Three have been ticked. The Fourth and Fifth are in progress. His mercies are endless and by his grace i'm playing my part as well. Very challenging I must say...but whenever I fall in the course of achieving my goals, I pick myself up and get back on the road. Prayers without works is dead yo...But above all his grace is ever sufficient! Long story short...I love my office, I love my job. I get to close at 2.00pm (for now...Maternity benefits. hehe), My schedule isn't as rigid anymore and i'm loving all the other perks accompanying the job.


Changed the name of the Blog from 'Blazy Fashion' to 'Chiilicious'. BF sounded slightly limited to fashion....but now my blog is going to delve into an assortment of topics. I joined social media with the name i'm going to stick with it. That's all.


Introducing 'ChiChi The Ankara Chic'. My love for Ankara Fabric knows no bounds and I know a lot of peeps can testify to this. So I decided to create a new IG page dedicated to my Ankara fashion and style. So please follow @chichitheankarachic on IG and stay tuned. :).  The blog will follow suit in no time. Dalu in advance.

So that's it my darlings. I hope you guys are doing great. I'm officially back to Blogging ooooo. Got a lot to share. But Mummy duty calls i'll catch y'all later.




  1. Congrats on the baby! OMG! And congrats on the job too. May blessings and testimonies never cease in your home!

  2. Wonderful news all around, congratulations on the baby, and wish you all the very best in your new job. Warm greetings!

  3. Wow! Congrats Girl. God is truly amazing! What a year! So happy for you.
    Stay blessed and kisses to the lil one.

    1. Oh Yes! He is! Thanks a lot Neme!! xxx

  4. Chiilicious!

    Awwww..... I guessed as much, I knew this was the reason for the long hiatus, Lol. Congrats Nne, indeed, God is awesome. Your son is such a beautiful baby.

    Congratulations on the new job too, it is so heartwarming when one's prayers are answered.

    Best wishes!


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