Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New In! 'The Smart Money African girl's journey to financial freedom' By Arese Ugwu

I have nothing but great respect and admiration for Arese Ugwu.  Been following her for sometime now and I have gained a lot from her. I find her posts very resourceful and I thoroughly enjoyed the last SmartMoney30 challenge. 

When I found out she was releasing her book I was ecstatic. While we constantly bombard ourselves with tips such as how to style our peplum skirts, achieve the perfect ombre lips, and how to keep fit and look good in a bikini, Arese's guide to helping us overcome money blocks and make better financial decisions in our lives and nothing but a breath of fresh air.  

I applaud her for continuously reminding us that financial literacy is key to every woman's financial stability and with good budgeting, savings and financial planning we will ultimately become money smart. Can't wait to dig into this book. You are blessed my dear and I thank you for being a blessing to other women.

Who else has grabbed a copy?



  1. ChiChi it's so great to have you back (()) Great topic and I totally agree with you. It's important to be independent, to be able to support yourself. I will check this book out, sounds like something I'd love to read. Again welcome back, darling.

    1. Yea you should check it out!
      Thank you so much my darling!


  2. I've been hearing wonderful things about this book, can't wait to get it. xx


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