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Weird Nigerian Food Combos!!! What's yours?


Some of us have that super bizzare food combo that we are utterly
 obsessed with and anyone we tell about it, is either grossed out or considers us slightly demented for eating such. But we remain unapologetic anyway. 

I thought it'll be fun to share my oddly palatable food pairings here and I also asked a few of Naija's finest personalities what their favourite food combos are and I got interesting responses. 

  Errr....Biko don't judge us, we know you've got one too.  :) 

When I was in Secondary school, we used to make this garnished garri thingy called Kwado. It was a mix of garri, sardine, spices, pepper, and onions. It was so good and even after I left school I made it once in while at home and introduced it to my sisters. My baby sis Chi is still a fan. lol

Then there was Ebange. It was eba and geisha soup. We'd make Eba and keep it on the side. To make the soup, we'd pour geisha into a bowl, mash it well, add onions, spices, pepper and what not and then add hot water and stir nicely. And then Ebansar. It was Eba and sardine soup. Secondary school was fun.

Hmmmmmn...ever tried bread and ogbono soup? *covers face*

 This came out of desperation and hunger one night during my teenage years. You know that kind of hunger that wakes you up in the middle of the night and leaves you seriously scouting for food like a homeless person. Well, there was bread in the dining room, and there was small soup left in the pot. With no strength to make eba and no real companion for my bread i swerved into that pot,  poured the soup into a plate, grabbed the bread and dug in. Lmao. It was so nice. And I have not looked back since. My elder brother is a big fan. 


Tried Indomie noodles Sandwich? Place your nicely cooked noodles in between your bread and grub away. It's so nice. Especially if your noodles is super tasty.


I love eating my rice with paw paw or banana. It's one of my fave combos ever. One I can never get tired of.

Oh, and I love having fried rice with a bit of mayonnaise on the side. Yummy stuff.

Rice with butter in secondary school was a hit. We'd mix the butter with spices and then add to our rice and stew or jollof rice. It was quite nice however I did not take that combo home. I left it in school though it was yum while it lasted. 

My sis Somie loves eating french fries with ice cream. In other words ice cream is her ketchup/sauce.

She also loves to eat eba with stew. She'd make stew just for eba as opposed to rice. I know a few people that eat their eba with stew as well. I should try this combo sometime. 


How about 'Milk spread'? Tried it? You get powered milk into a bowl, add just very little water to form a paste and then spread over your bread or biscuit. Gosh! So, so yummy. If your're a lover of ovaltine or milo you can include and make yourself a nice chocolate spread.

Biscuit flakes is forever a fave/people pleaser. End of!

My baby sis ChiChi loves spaghetti with groundnuts on top. Boiled gnuts to be precise. 

How about biscuit and bread? Sometimes I put small bread in between my biscuits. It's quite nice with a glass of juice or milk. 

You can tell i'm an ardent bread lover, abi? lol

White Rice and egusi or vegetable soup always win. 

If you love akara and bread you should also try moi moi and bread. Scrumptious!

Do people still dip their puff puff inside sugar before eating? Very nice and very unhealthy, too. lol

Forget bread and stew. Ever tried bread with ofe akwu? It's such a winner.


I kow someone who loves cerelac and groundnut. A lot of adults still take that ish. I like cerelac once in a while as well. Biko we are all babies/children. We are children of God. 


Garri drinkers get in here. Apart from kuli kuli, groundnut and milk, I love taking my garri with biscuits, too. But I know some people who love to drink garri with fried meat or fried fish. 


My friend Yamby eats her cucumber with Yaji. Y'all know yaji right? That spicy pepper that is known for accompanying suya. She loves the combo. She'd dip her cucumber into the yaji and wack away. 

I know a Mrs who loves rice and icecream. She'd pour ice cream on her rice and sometimes she'll spread powdered milk on top. lol

What's yours?

Check out the responses from these darlings!
Jennifer Alegiuno 
(Award winning professional MUA/CEO BeautyFULL Signatures)
"I love white rice and okra soup. My mother caused it. lol"

Dedun Olobayo
CEO and Founder Style Me Africa 
"One of my secret food addictions is actually French fries and ice cream. You will also catch me mixing my fried rice with yam porridge or pasta."

Adaku Ufere
Oil and gas lawyer, Blogger
"Don't know what I eat that could be gross o, I am a very plain eater. Maybe pizza with ketchup? Some people think that's disgusting. Or raw plantains. I eat that all the time."

Chioma Ikokwu
Lawyer and Entrepreneur
"Well I certainly like my bread and butter with strawberry jam, ham and cheese which a lot of people think is gross.It's sweet and savory
I'm such a foodie so I can mix anything with anything to be honest." 

Cassie Daves (Medical Doctor and Blogger 
"I'm not sure I have any weird good combination. Is beans and indomie weird?"

Juliana Ojiako ( MUA/CEO Brushes and Pencils) 
"I have been cracking my head o cos apparently i'm not even adventurous wih food to start with so I don't have any weird food combo. But speaking about food maybe you should discuss picky eaters then I will shine bright like a diamond because anam atucha nni seriously." 

Lol! Got to love Jules. 

Inyamu Akut (Author and Blogger 
"Errmmmmmm....I'm not weird like that! Coke and groundnut? Is that weird enough?"

Chinedu Ahanonu
Sewista and Blogger
"I really like my moin moin and salad combo, but my work colleagues always laugh when I have it. Acording to them, moin moin or salad should be eaten with rice and not together."

Thank you beautiful ladies for your contribution.

So guys, what's your favourite weird food combo?

Remember this is a judgement free zone oooo....forget how disgusting it sounds. Who knows... you might find that odd combo quite as delicious.

Have a great weekend mi lovelies.

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  1. ���� all these combos!�� I hv another combo. It's boiled egg and yaji!�� (Secondary school days!) Twas delishhhh!

    1. Somie! Boiled egg and yaji? hmmmmnn...It sounds like something that'd taste nice. lol

  2. Lmao! I still take moi moi / akara with sugar. Very very Yummy!

    1. Ah! I thought it was only puff puff and sugar. Nice one Yamby. I trust u and ur combos. :D

  3. What a fun read, ChiChi. I dunno if I have any weird food combos. See I can't cook, lol, I love my junk food, is that weird?
    kisses, darling

    1. lol! Lenya I would not consider you a weird foodie in this case.

  4. I love fried over-ripe plantain with bread... Like sandwich anytime any day. Also bolied egg by the side as I eat my semovita... Now that is weirdest!!! But so sweet, I urge you to try it out.

    1. Wowzers! Dorcas u're too much o! Ah! :D

  5. Garri mixed with palm/groundnut oil and salt... My Rummies complain but its certainly a fast "meal"

    1. Ho my Gad! This is new! I thought I had weird combos but... Ronke you have rendered me totally speechless. lol. Thanks for sharing dear. :)

  6. There was a time i'd eat moin moin and ogbono!!

    1. Hi ChiChi,

      I read recently that puff-puff and beans is a Cameroonian delicacy. I guess, it's quite like bread and beans. Lol

  7. Just stopping by to wish you a happy Friday, luv.
    hugs and kisses


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