Saturday, 8 October 2016

For The Love of House of Tara: How Their Perfume (101) Became One of My Fave Discoveries

Lil Story Here...
Sometime ago I participated in a giveaway organized by House of Tara on Instagram. It had to do with the colour burst campaign and I won a little bag of goodies. I went to store in wuse to redeem my prize and after that I thought it'd be nice to just have a look around. I spotted the small, pretty perfume corner and I was utterly taken aback. 

I've scored a few products from House of Tara and have stumbled on multiple reviews of their products but had no clue they had a perfume line - A limited edition collection ranging from 101- 106. I went home with 101 that day and have remained hooked since then. It has become one of my favourite perfumes ever. I'm not good at describing perfume notes..all I know is there is something really lovely and sophisticated about it. I always get compliments whenever I wear it  and I am always very quick to say it's a Nigerian brand...This usually leaves people amazed and i'm like Yup! It's House of Tara.

When I was almost running out, I dashed to the store for a refill but they had run out of it. The lady said it'd be available in two weeks so I decided to settle for 104. It did not have the same effect as 101 but I continued with it anyway. I called back again after two weeks but they still did not have it in store so I called the Lagos branch (The one in Lekki or so) and they had about 10 in stock. I asked if I could pay here in the Buj and have them deliver to me and they declined. I was a tad sad, seeing as it was a limited edition collection I wasn't sure of how long it'd be available in the market. 

I asked the lady to reserve two for me and so I called my good friend Ono who is based in Lagos and told him I needed a favour. Asked him if he could please get me two bottles of 101 and he should also send his acct deets so I could transfer the money to him. Well, lucky me. He was like I owe u a birthday pressie anyway so do not worry. I'll buy and send 'em to you. I was elated! I was getting them for free. Double win. 

 He sent them through his friend Chuks who I called on his return to the Buj. Chuks said he left 'em at his sister's and sent me her phone number. I called her and guess what? Her house is less than 5 minutes walk from mine. lol. So I just took a stroll to her house and got my bag of goodies. Mission accomplished with no costs at all. ChiChi was happy. 

101 is quite special. It's not one I wear everyday and I am currently on my last bottle. Called the Wuse branch to find out if they still had it but the lady said 101 has been a lil scarce. But i'm hopeful because this is one fragrance i'd love to have in my stash titi lai lai. :D. So..well done House of Tara! Una do well.

A bottle will set you back N5,500 but it's worth it in my opinion. + Seeing as the exchange rate is just embarassing pesin anyhow...I consider this a fabulous alternative to all those high end brands. pays to Buy Nigerian!

Who else has tried a perfume from their line?

Have a great weekend mi lovelies.



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  1. I have never heard of this brand before, but I will check out their products. Thx for sharing. Wishing you a beautiful day, ChiChi.
    hugs and kisses


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