Thursday, 29 June 2017

DIY: Create a Statement Neckpiece in Less Than A Minute Using This One Simple Trick

Here's what recession does to you ~ It forces you to readjust your spending habits, stimulates out of the box thinking and causes you to get more creative. Recession or not, you can still look amazingly fashionable by doing one thing ~ Shopping in your closet! This entails the clever mix of your classic items, accessories and the even personalisation of your jewelry pieces. Today, I am going to show you guys how to achieve the latter.

Are u thinking of buying a new bold statement necklace for that wedding, party, dinner date or lunch with the girls? Don't bother. Just grab your old necklace and tweak or mix it with..........wait for it........your Bracelets! Yup. All you need to do is slide your bracelets through your necklace for a master piece. See the four looks below: 

Look 1: Simple and Chic
This pose tho! lol. I look like I am about to recite the National Pledge. 
This is a simple matching set i've had for a long time. 
So I decided to pair them

I adjusted as desired

And Voila! 
I wore this in my Mac lip Pencil review post here

Look 2: Casual Elegance
I added my old beaded bracelets to this plain silver necklace for a prettier look. 

 and Check it out! 
 This would cetainly add a lovely burst of colour to a simple bardot top or dress. 

Look 3: Classic Glamour
My three tiered pearl necklace is such a glamourous piece on its own but I added 3 of my different sized pearl bracelets to give it a different oomph.
Remember my black dress styling tip? I rocked this pearl necklace differently there. See Post
 You'd think they came as a set. Don't you just love when some of your fashion pieces come together like they were made for each other? :) 
 And Voila!
This would certainly make a good companion to an AsoebiBella. You know, the whole trad look, gele and all. 

Look 4:

I decided to mix and match by attaching a different colour of bracelets for an eye catching look and we have this:

The thing about this DIY idea is that your bracelets might not stay fully put as required but it's not a cause for concern. It's all about the statement.

So what do you guys think? If you are inspired by this, please try it and send me pictures to my email on or tag me on IG @chiilicious and I will gladly repost them. Let's connect! :D

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay beautiful.


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