Friday, 8 September 2017

Good Times At The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch '17

Hello lovelies, how are y'all doing? Am I the only who did not want the public holiday to come to an end? lol. Hope you guys had a good one though.
So, last Sunday I attended the annual Bloggers Brunch and Seminar organised by The Blogger Point. It was such a memorable event. I got to meet, connect and network with other amazing bloggers and content creators. 

I loved everything from the all white dress code to the beautiful locaton (Laguna Lounge and Bar in Bolingo Hotel), the seminar, and then the yummy treats. I am still particularly thrilled with the wealth of knowledge that I gathered from the well selected panelists. The seminar titled "Bridging the gap between brands and bloggers" was indeed very relevant and utterly helpful and I intend to effectively apply all the tips that were generously dished out. 
Here's thanking TBP team for  all the hard work and huge effort they put into making the brunch a success. I can imagine the challenges and hiccups they experienced while plannning the two events (Lagos and Abuja), but they pulled through very well. As someone who has been following TBP for a while now, I am exceedingly proud of thier progress and I am confident and hopeful about the future. So, well done guys. 

Check out pictures from the event:

Now looking forward to next year's brunch! :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. I see me! It was a great event. Can't wait for next year.

    1. Yes darling! It was so nice to meet you. :)

  2. Yaaah! I'm featured here. Article is concise. 😊

  3. Very beautiful post! You know what I actually love about this post- there was conscious effort to get pictures of almost everyone in attendance 👍🏽


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