Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My 'Nailed It' Experience at Glam'd Africa.

Ladies and Gents please get in here. There is a new Fashion and Beauty house in town and it’s called Glam’d Africa. Owned by kiki Osinbajo and Located in the heart of Abuja, they provide the ultimate glam experience for clients and offer everything from clothes, handbags, to cosmetics, hair care and skin care products. They also have a makeup studio, a nail bar, spa and so much more.

Two weeks ago, I was invited for a lovely treat and free taster session at their nail bar (called ''Nailed it"). I was very excited when I saw the message and I placed a call to them to find out exactly what the session entailed. As soon as I dropped the phone, I did a little victory dance because my nails were going to get the tender loving care that they very much needed…for free! Double win, yo!

A couple of days later, I went in for my treat and fam, it was such a delightful experience. On arrival, I met the beautiful Tore who made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Thereafter, I was introduced to a lovely lady called Vivian (One of the mangers at GA) who was gave me a tour of the building and further disclosed the great plans and benefits that Glamd Africa has to offer.

Then we headed back to the nail bar. The decor is bright and inviting. Totally loved the white wallsto know me is to know my love for white décor. :D  The chairs are clean and super comfortable and the foot tubs are very modern. 

I finally settled into my chair and was given a couple of nice nail service options. I went with a pedicure and decided to 'fix my nails' and then we got down to business. 

'Nailed it', is anything but your standard salon. Every service comes with a choice of yummy cocktail or mocktail from the little bar in the corner and there is also a pretty VIP section.  

The technicians rendered an amazing service. They were not only exceptionally skilled but they were very courteous and nicely answered the questions I had. They were very professional and generously shared nail care tips with me. My nails were dried with a sleek UV and Led nail lamp/dryer and at the end of my pedicure I got a really good feet massage which I absolutely loved. 

Me Just Enjoying being pampered! lol :)

It was undoubtedly the most fabulous nail care and pampering session i've ever had. I got the best pedicure ever! Gosh! It was such a relaxing setup. At some point I jokingly asked them for a pillow because I just wanted to sleep. lol. It took about three hours to get everything done but it was worth it because my nails came out so beautiful and I felt utterly amazing afterwards. On that note they absolutely NAILED IT!

It is quite refreshing to finally find a place that handles your nails correctly and glamourously. I cannot wait to return with my mum, sisters and a few friends soon. 

Here's giving a big Thumbs up to the CEO for a job well done in setting up Glam'd Africa and to the entire team for my wonderful experience.

If you are looking for a first class nail service in a pleasant, cozy and relaxing environment, then you should visit 'Nailed it' and while you are at it, you can treat yourself to a nice dress or accessory from their fashion collection.  Of interest to note is that they have exciting money-saving offers such as Sister's Sunday 5% discount (Between 2 - 6pm), Discount Wednesday 5% for students and corpers, flash discounts, Group of 5 thrills, loyalty rewards, amongst others. 

Meanwhile Glam'd Africa was officially launched on the 9th of September, 2017 and yours truly was there.  I will be sharing pictures from the event in the next post. 

Stay tuned my lovelies!



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