Sunday, 28 January 2018

Recipe: Watermelon Banana Popsicles

Hello mi lovelies, how go dey go? Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I've always loved the idea of fruit popsicles, so I made these for Ehi Bobo the other day. He loves fruits a lot especially watermelon and banana, so giving him the frozen version was certainly a thrill.. He absolutely loved it. See recipe below. 

1/4 Small Fresh Watermelon (Deseeded & Chopped)
2 Ripe Bananas 
1 Table Spoon Honey(optional)
Little quantity of Fresh Lemon Juice. 

Blend all your ingredients until smooth and 
pour combo into posicle moulds

Tidy up all corners

Cover and Freeze (I did mine overnight)

 and Voila (The next afternoon...:D)

I used Nuby Garden's Fruitsicle Moulds for this. They are so lovely, sturdy and the handles are perfectly shaped for my Ehi Bobo's hands. Got them from Amazon via My Personal Shopper

Can't wait to try other amazing fruitsicle recipes for my boy. :)

I wish y'all an amazing week ahead.


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