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15 Stylish Reasons Why You Need To Be A 'Wrap Star' In SGTC Clothing

Warning - Long Post/Photo Overload 

I have been a huge fan of Sgtc Clothing for a while now. Owned by the beautiful and talented Adetoke Oluwo, they have managed to capture the hearts of many fashionistas around the world with their trend-led, classic styles and bold prints! Their collection is filled with super amazing pieces from statement dresses to mix and match printed separates, to Jumpsuit BouBous and glam peplums! 
Their wrap top is their hottest offering and best seller and I'm very happy to have bought one for myself! When I got it, I was super excited! I mean, Who doesn't like the smell of new things?! And a fab one at that! Anyhoo, I got in front of the mirror and tried all the lovely style options I had seen. Next thing I found myself just playing with the belt afterwards and trying to switch things up a little and boom! There came another style! Tried a couple of things again and there came more styles! And then it hit me! This. Wrap. Top. Is . A. Masterpiece. It's a real winner and it is not hard to see why it has garnered such a huge fan base. Its multitasking style solutions are endless and today i'll be sharing 15 stylish looks with y'all.

For starters, I kept my base slick by donning a black vest and pencil skirt.

Look 1: The Classic 'On the shoulder' style
Belt can be tied at the back....
Or in front! 

As seen on: 
@missvivacioust @shadeladipo and @michelledede

Look 2
The off shoulder style!
Also seen on:
@debby_felix and @simplypalesa

Look 3
The crop top style!
Seen on:
@adetokeoluwo and another ankara fashion beauty! 

Look 4
I took the crop top look a bit further and came up with this  'Cape effect style'
 See Pictorial below:

Look 5
The 'All the way round' style
@ozinna @adetoleoluwo and @s4de_u

Look 6
The Bolero style

I put on the top, without wrapping it, I grabbed each side nicely and moved them to the back. And then sealed them with the belt! Am I making sense? Lol! Don't worry I'll do a 'videostagram' with all the styles as soon as possible.  This look reminds me of the 'Aduke' dress.

Look 7
I'd call this the 'Bobelt' style. 
It is a mix of the Bolero and the belt. Remember the belt I tied at the back above, I brought it forward and created a bow with it!

You can style your belt to the side as well. Like this:

Look 8
The one shoulder up, one shoulder down.
Seen on:
@theladyvhodka @thestyleconnesieur and @mumielee

Look 9
The Jacket

Nope I did not cut out the belt. I laid the top on a flat surface, opened it, took the belt on each side, and folded and attached nicely to the bottom of the top with pins. And voila!

Can be belted as well...

Look 10
The Layered style

Also Seen on:
@queenofsleeves, @yemialade @chukwulola and @iamlilywilliams

Look 11
The wrap on your shoulder look
Created by @styleterritory
And as seen on @sheyishay

Look 12
The Mono Strap

Look 13
The Criss Cross
 I wore the 'all the way round style' (see above) and instead and doing a wrap, I took the belt on each side over my shoulders, did a cross cross and finished off with a little knot at the back. The length of the belt made this possible.

Look 14
The Tie

I wore the 'all the way round style' again and instead and of doing a wrap, I took the belt on each side over my shoulders and created this tie.

Look 15
The pussy bow
I loosened the tie above, created a bow with it and dragged the top down slightly to show some skin.

So that's it guys! This top is officially the most versatile piece I own! Which of these styles would you be trying? Please tag me on @chichitheankarachic when you do so. 

 I know the quality of these pictures is somewhat unforgiving but biko forgive me. The story is too long so I wont bother boring you with it.  

If you haven't snapped up the Sgtc wrap top, now is the time to do so. Don't dull! Oh, did I mention this wrap top is under N9,000? 

On a final note, if you'd like to update your wardrobe and want a collection of 'made to last' pieces with style but don't want to spend a fortune,  then sgtc clothing is the brand to know. Shop them here and thank me later! 

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Lots of love, 


  1. Love this post, it’s so creative and the top is so versatile. And I love the pictorial as well. Amazing!

  2. Such a versatile top! Look 5 for the win.


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