Thursday, 22 March 2018

30 Cool Content Ideas For Instagram Stories

The Instagram story feature is increasingly becoming one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and grow your brand or page. You can share photos and 15 second videos easily but coming up with good insta story post ideas can be a struggle sometimes. So I've put together 30 Content Ideas to help you out when you are stuck for inspiration.
1. Got a new post on your Instagram feed? Direct your audience to it via your insta story. 

2. Are you a business owner? Show yourself or your team packaging orders set for dispatch. This action gives some kind of social proof and makes people want to buy your products. 

3. Are you about to launch something, do you have upcoming content for your business, blog or page? Give your audience a sneak peek and build their anticipation.

4. 'Behind the scenes' always work. Show your audience the process behind that beautifully styled edited photo. Are you sourcing fabrics for a new collection? Show some of the  process via your insta story. People will connect with your 'realness'

5. Do you have frequently asked questions? You can answer them in your insta story and even create a highlight afterwards so that people can refer to it when they need to.

6. Going somewhere? Take your audience along with you. Share clips from your trip or event.

7. Do a shout out to brands or people that inspire you. Don't forget to tag them! Chances are they'd reply or in some cases repost your story and you know what that means...more exposure. 

8. Quick tips, mini guides, tutorials and recipes will always score you high points on insta story. People love to learn and by sharing quick tips and how tos, you add value and become unforgettable. 

9. Host a giveaway? Who no like freebie? This would get you new followers for sure.

10. Post something funny, a meme, funny vid, etc. Life can be stressful sometimes and people could do with a good laugh. 

11. Got new arrivals in your business/store? Let your audience know with pictures. 

12. If you are a brand, you can share your best selling products on your insta story. This tactic can win over potential clients. 

13. Before and After posts are great, too.  People are usually glued to your story till the end of the transformation.

14. You can also share Recaps of your day, your week, your Month, your event, etc.

15. Is there a picture you are not sure of? E.g you think it won't be appealing and will be devoid of many likes? Try posting it on insta story first. The response you get has a way of letting you know if it's good enough for your feed or not. 

16. Did you blog? Did you upload a new video on YouTube? Share snippets on your insta story and direct your audience to those platforms. 

17. Share an encouraging or uplifting picture or video. It could be a video of yourself with inspiring words. Trust me, we all need it.

18. Put up a question? Or a few questions that'll drive answers? Your Dm will definitely get a couple of replies.

19. Better still ask questions using the poll feature. A lot of people prefer  to vote instead of typing their answers.

20. Remind people of your brand, yourself, your blog, what you do, etc. A little reminder can even fetch you new followers.

21. What are you eating? What are you drinking? Does it look good? Does it taste good? Please share and add a review if you wish. 

22. Got items on sale? Put the information up with pictures and sale prices. A highlight should be created after this for clients to enjoy an easy shopping experience. 

23. Got glowing customer reviews? share them in your stories and round them up in a highlight for them as well. People are likely to buy from you when they see good, authentic reviews of your products.

24. Do a 'Top x' series. E.g top 5 things about me? Top 5 spots to visit when in..., Top 5 people to follow for..., etc. 

25. Got a hobby/hobbies, show your audience with you in action. 
You talented? Do you sing, dance, for party tricks? Share! You'd be surprised at the responses and new followers you'd get as a result.

26. Got any helpful advice? Financial, moral, or otherwise, by all means share.

27. Are you the indecisive type? E.g. Not sure of which dress to wear, app to use, directions to take? etc. Put up the options and I believe you'll get some help. 

28. For a more authentic connection with followers, go Live! Yup! You can stream a live video story.  

29. Share a throwback, history lesson etc. could be about your life or business. 

30. You can get or hire an influencer to take over your insta story, this'll add some light to your profile and build awareness for your brand. 

So that's it guys. I'll update this list in due time. 

Listen, Instagram is filled with such a diverse audience so you can reach so many people. Use the Instagram story feature. Add location, tag brands and users where necessary to help your visibility and engagement.  See your Instagram feed as the hard cover of a book and your Instagram stories as some of the pages of the book. A new day brings new pages/chapters. 

On that note, go forth and prosper. :D



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